Wind power electricity generation in Britain breached the unprecedented 5GW levels on 3 February 2013.

The output represents 12% of the country’s total electricity needs for industry, businesses and households, said the UK National Grid.

RenewableUK deputy chief executive Maf Smith remarked that the new output level proves that clean energy generation from wind power is increasing in the country.

"We’re set to generate at least 15% of the UK’s electricity from wind by 2020.

"As well as creating tens of thousands of green-collar jobs, and the wider environmental benefits, wind gives us another very important advantage – energy security," said Smith.

The 5GW output is capable of powering over 10 million homes in the region.

According to RenewableUK, though the output has been pegged at 5GW, the actual output could be closer to 7.5GW as wind power delivered to local and regional electricity networks, is not metered.

"Wind as a crucial part of our energy mix and is becoming more important as extra onshore and offshore capacity is added to the system," concluded Smith.