The Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC), one of eight Regional Entities in North America, US has inked a deal with Siemens Power Technologies International (Siemens PTI) to deliver WECC's Base Case Coordination System (BCCS) planning tool.

The BCCS solution, based on Siemens PTI’s Model on Demand (MOD) software product, will improve the collection and compilation of WECC data used to build their transmission system study models.

MOD is a web-based model data management application that enables electric transmission planners to submit, track, view and audit planning data and related changes grouped as projects or phases in a database.

When completed in this December, the BCCS will enable WECC and its members to streamline data collection and the case building effort in the region, and allows creating infinite number of scenario cases, saving the average WECC member an estimated 12 to 15 weeks of labor per year.

The centralized data base within the BCCS solution also ensures model data consistency, data accuracy and provides tracking and data logging compliant with North American Electric Reliability Corporation standards.