Renewable energy technologies developer W2 Energy has started biofuel production at its Cambridge facility in Ontario, Canada.

W2 Energy, which tested several small batches of fuel, said the plant installation is expected to generate fuel that meets standards set by ASTM International.

The company will apply for the government biofuel production subsidy and start production on a batch basis.

W2 Energy noted that once consistent production rate is reached, it will apply for credit lines that will enable it to move to full production and beyond.

W2 Energy CEO Michael McLaren said the company’s current plan is to ramp up production with its system to its maximum of 7,500 liters of waste vegetable oil per day.

"Once we hit those targets we will expand the plant to double that capacity to 15,000 liters per day," McLaren said.

North American green technology firm W2 Energy develops systems that provide practical solutions to the current energy needs.