Siem Offshore Contractors has awarded a contract to Vos Prodect Innovations to test and deliver seable cable hang-off systems for two 155kV HVAC cables between two offshore subsations in German waters.

With respect to the scope of work, Vos Prodect has performed an endurance test with the HVAC cable, clamped in the temporary hang-off section.

A weight of 4400 kg has been hanged on the temporary clamps in order to simulate the real life scenario with a safety factor.

Successful completion of the test marks a major milestone towards launching a cable hang-off system for high voltage cables, to be used at the offshore wind farm projects.

As a specialist in design, testing and delivery of cable hang-off systems, we have a strict focus on maintaining the quality of cooperation with our customers.

In this respect, we are able to support the projects from preliminary design to project realization.