Vovonia and E.ON have agreed to install about 2500 units of rooftop solar panels on 56 apartment buildings in Dresden, Germany.

The solar panels have an aggregate capacity of about 2.2 megawatts, which at peak output could meet the electricity needs of 800 households. The buildings are located in a number of Dresden neighborhoods. The solar panels will be E.ON’s own Aura Modules, which meet the highest quality standards.

“In the past, renewables expansion took place primarily in rural areas,” Robert Hienz, CEO of E.ON Energie Deutschland, explains. “Yet cities have by far the greatest energy needs. We’re excited to be partnering with Vonovia to install solar panels on ideally suited rooftops in a big city like Dresden. This project brings clean, sustainable power production to an urban area.” Following on the heals of the Sunroof digital platform E.ON launched with Google, the cooperative arrangement with Vonovia further expands its solar activities.

“The project here in Dresden underscores how important this city is for us. This innovative approach and our partnership with E.ON enable us to promote the sustainable development of cities and neighborhoods. This is a key aspect of our investment strategy, across Germany and here in Dresden,” says Regional Managing Director Martina Pansa, who is responsible for Vonovia’s housing stock in Dresden, which ranks among the company’s biggest markets.

The two companies have a long-standing successful partnership, which is furthered deepened by the solar project in Dresden. E.ON currently manages over 100 hundred solar installations on Vonovia housing units and building complexes in more than 15 German cities, including Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Mannheim, and Kaiserslautern. E.ON oversees the operation of the installations and conducts regular maintenance to ensure that they continually produce a high output of solar power.