Swedish automobile manufacturer Volvo Car has launched new Volvo V60 Bi-Fuel car – a vehicle that runs on compressed natural gas (CNG)/biomethane or gasoline.

The new Bi-Fuel car features a 2.0L, five-cylinder 159KW turbocharged gasoline engine fitted with a natural gas fueling system from Westport Innovations.

According to the company, the turbocharged gasoline engine is produced at the company’s engine plant in Skövde.

The Volvo V60 Bi-Fuel car sales will commence in October 2013 in Sweden.

Meanwhile, Westport and Volvo Car Group are negotiating plans to expand the Volvo V60 Bi-Fuel car into other markets.

Volvo Car manufactures, sells, and services cars in the United States, Sweden, China, Germany, and the United Kingdom.