Project expected to have a capacity of 105MW

American Municipal Power-Ohio and Voith Siemens Hydro have signed a contract for the manufacture of turbines and generators for a hydroelectric project at the Captain Meldahl Dam on the Ohio River. The contract is valued at $122.9m.

Marc Gerken, president and chief executive officer of American Municipal Power-Ohio (AMP-Ohio), said that the organization, along with the member community of Hamilton, Ohio and other member communities, will build the project at the Meldahl Dam as a part of an aggressive hydroelectric generation development program, with a goal of adding more than 380MW of hydro power to the organization’s portfolio.

AMP-Ohio has said that the Meldahl project is expected to have a capacity of 105MW. Hamilton currently holds the license for the project and, under agreements between AMP-Ohio and Hamilton, AMP-Ohio will become a co-licensee.

Mr Gerken said: AMP-Ohio and Hamilton both believe in the value of hydroelectric generation. Our hydro projects are a part of an asset development effort designed to reduce our member communities’ current over-exposure to the volatile wholesale market.