Contactless payment company Vivotech has partnered with US mobile payment service provider Obopay to improve mobile payments technology.

Thanks to the collaboration, Obopay users will be able to access the Vivowallet to conveniently and securely pay for retail goods by waving their near field communications (NFC) mobile devices in front of the more than 160,000 retail outlets equipped with a Vivotech point-of-sale device.

By combining Vivowallet mobile phone software with the Obopay mobile payment service, customers will be able to access Obopay’s m-commerce functions – from sharing money with friends and transferring funds using a mobile device to making physical payments at merchants sites, as well as a host of financial transactions and related services using the mobile pay service.

Mobile phone adoption and evolving mobile user attitudes have combined in the US to present a colossal, present-day market opportunity, said Carol Realini, CEO and founder of Obopay. We are seeing in the US the same trends that sparked massive adoption of mobile payments abroad, which makes our partnership with Vivotech a very timely and exciting one.

The companies plan to offer Vivowallet and Obopay as a single integrated application in 2007.