The Hadlock Pond dam in northern New York state, US, has failed, leading to the evacuation of about 200 homes as flood waters devastated the village of Fort Ann.

The dam had only recently been refurbished after it failed to meet revised state safety standards; work started in September 2004 and it re-opened in May this year. It breached shortly after 6pm on Saturday evening.

Approximately 45M litres of water spilled onto local roads including Hadlock Pond Road, Joe Green Road and Copeland Pond Road. Parts of these roads were washed away, although Hadlock Pond and Copeland Pond roads have now re-opened. No injuries have been reported so far, but according to local media approximately 600 customers in Fort Ann are without power.

Local authorities and state engineers have opened an investigation into why Hadlock Pond dam failed, with Washington County officials admitting they do not know. A clean-up operation is underway.

The village of Fort Ann is about 88.5km northeast of Albany, in Washington County.