Vestas has secured a five-year service-contract extension from Infigen Energy for each of the customer's four wind farms with a total of 367.6MW of installed capacity in Australia.

The wind farms utilizes Vestas’ 166 turbines across the three stages of the Lake Bonney wind farm in South Australia and the Alinta wind farm in Western Australia.

The agreements will extend the company’s service of these projects until 31 December 2017.

Lake Bonney 1 consists of 46 units of V66 wind turbine at 1.75MW each which began producing energy in March 2005, while Lake Bonney 2 and Lake Bonney 3 include 66 units of V90-3MW turbine that were completed in 2008 and 2010, respectively.

Alinta wind farm includes 54 units of Vestas NM82 wind turbine with a rating of 1.65MW and started producing energy in January 2006.

Under the agreements, Vestas will provide a full range of services to maximize the energy production of the turbines.

The contract includes Vestas’ Active Output Management 5000 service option.

The service agreements also consist of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance as well as replacement of major components and spare parts.