Danish turbine-maker Vestas has introduced a new 2MW platform with two rotor variants, the V116-2.0MW and the V120-2.0MW to work in conditions of low and ultra-low wind conditions, particularly well suited for US, India and China.

The new variants build on Vestas’ 2 MW platform, delivering increased swept area and annual energy production while keeping the existing 2 MW nacelle and hub design. Through the 2 MW platform’s tried and tested design foundation, the V116-2.0 MW and V120-2.0 MW thus employ proven technology to improve power production.

Designed to deliver even more stable energy production, the new turbines offer a steeper power curve, delivering higher power output in medium, low, and ultra-low wind conditions. Based on structural shell technology and advanced balance of loads, the new blades, 57 meter and 59 meter respectively, optimise aerodynamics while maintaining the original nacelle and hub dimensions and low-weight profile.

“By building on the tried and tested technology of the most widely applied platform in the wind energy industry, we leverage our unique product knowledge, well-established global supply base and logistics insights to deliver two new, yet proven, turbines that offer industry-leading levelised cost of energy at park level. With the V116-2.0 MW and V120-2.0 MW we have increased the 2 MW platform’s annual energy production by 40 percent since it was launched, underlining our ability to lead the way within cost of energy reductions”, says Anders Vedel, Executive Vice President & CTO.

First deliveries of the new turbine variants are expected in the first quarter of 2018 for the V116-2.0 MW and in the third quarter of 2018 for the V120-2.0 MW.

With more than 18,000 turbines installed across 45 countries on six continents, Vestas’ 2 MW platform is the most widely applied turbine solution in the history of wind energy. The new upgrade is the fifth major upgrade since Vestas introduced the 2 MW platform in 2000, yielding a combined 40% increase in Annual Energy Production.