US ethanol producer VeraSun Energy has announced the startup of its fifth production facility located near Albion, Nebraska. Expected to produce approximately 110 million gallons per year, the Albion facility is one of three biorefineries that VeraSun purchased from ASAlliances Biofuels in August.

Don Endres, chairman and CEO of VeraSun said that the startup of the new facility is particularly important as it increases VeraSun’s annual capacity to more than 500 million gallons. He also commented that it is proof that both the company and the industry as a whole are continuing to grow.

Mr Endres said: As we bring new facilities online, the ethanol being produced is finding its way into the marketplace and continues to be blended as a value-added, high-octane component to our nation’s fuel supply.

The Albion facility is the latest addition to VeraSun’s large-scale fleet of biorefineries. Along with sister facilities, the Albion facility is the third VeraSun plant to come online in 2007.