Ventyx, an ABB company and industrial enterprise software supplier, has launched a new solution to better manage power outage lifecycle management during extreme weather conditions such as storm.

Utilities, even though delivering electricity for decades can face unprecedented challenges, including extreme weather conditions, growing energy demand, aging infrastructures and workforces, new regulatory requirements, as well as growing customer-service expectations.

To address such issues, the new solution called Ventyx Outage Lifecycle Management is expected to help utilities plan, prepare, and communicate with customers about outages and restore services.

Ventyx under strategic guidance of utility companies such as DTE Energy, has developed the solution to improve fault detection, outage management and asset maintenance.

Ventyx transmission and distribution solutions vice president Rick Nicholson said the global community is hit hard by a growing number of extreme weather events, which are causing utilities to rethink the way they handle major outages.

"To deliver the ‘always on’ service levels that customers expect, utilities must transform their outage lifecycle process using newer technologies, including advanced analytics and mobility," Nicholson added.

"Together with ABB, Ventyx is committed to helping our customers meet this challenge head on. With the support of customers like DTE Energy, we can help utilities to lessen the significant impact of these events worldwide."