UK-based renewable energy company vento ludens has secured a planning permission for its 15MW solar energy park at Glebe Farm, near Bedford in England.

With this approval in place, the company is set to commence the construction of what is touted to be the biggest project in UK in October 2013, with operational start scheduled for April 2014.

vento ludens managing director Dr Jay Butler said: "While wind and solar remain the principle focus of our business plan, we are keen to explore other areas of renewables generation to ensure that we are using all of the natural resources available to us in Scotland and the UK to create clean energy."

The project is said to be in line with UK government’s target of increasing solar power capacity to 20GW powering 4 million homes by 2020.

The Glebe Farm project is being developed in collaboration with UK renewable energy company Dulas.

Dulas CEO Sanjay Bowry stated: "This scheme will also contribute greatly to the impending UK energy gap due to the planned decommissioning of up to 22 GW of conventional power generation over the next five years."