In an open response to the European Commission and its 'An Energy Policy for Europe' initiative, Vattenfall has agreed to the importance of creating a single European energy market.

In a statement, Vattenfall said that it is confident that the internal market for energy is necessary to make the European economy competitive and to create sustainable development, balancing economic growth with environmental and social responsibility.

Vattenfall supports this important initiative for Europe and we are pleased to take part in the ongoing dialogue and share our views on the commission’s proposed energy policy, commented Lars Josefsson, president and CEO of Vattenfall.

We welcome especially that the EU has taken the initiative in the climate change quest. Finding cost-efficient measures to combat climate change is challenging but possible. However, we urge the EU to continue its efforts to bring about international agreements to reduce CO2 emissions, and to establish a system for a global pricing of greenhouse gas emissions leading to incentives and cost reductions in abatement measures, Mr Josefsson added.