Van Oord has completed the installation of the last turbine at the 600MW Gemini offshore wind park situated in the Dutch North Sea.

Canadian energy firm Northland Power owns 60% interest in the Gemini project, while Siemens Wind Power has 20% stake.

Van Oord and sustainable waste, raw materials and energy firm HVC each hold 10% interest.

The installation of the 150 Siemens turbines was carried out by Van Oord’s Aeolus vessel

The wind turbines have a hub height of 89m with rotor diameter of 130m and the total turbine height is 154m.

Van Oord Gemini Project Director Didi te Gussinklo Ohmann said: “Installation of the turbines was seamless.

“We were very pleased with the collaboration between all partners over the last year. We proudly reflect upon successful completion of a large and complex project that is contributing to the development and competitiveness of the offshore industry.”

Installation work began at the site in February of this year. About 1.5 million people in the Netherlands are expected to be benefited annually by the clean energy produced at the offshore wind farm.

The wind farm, which has a life time of 20 years, is expected to reduce 850,000 tonnes of CO2 and about 20,000 tonnes of SO2 annually.

Gemini Offshore Wind Project CEO Matthias Haag said: "The installation of the 150th and last turbine in the wind park is a magnificent achievement.

“After the successful installation of the foundations, the offshore high voltage stations and 210 kilometers of export cables by Van Oord, also the turbine installation went according to plan. We are proud of everyone that contributed to the safe construction of Gemini.”

The next task is to complete cable installation, followed by testing and commissioning. The process could take several months and the wind park is expected to begin operations in mid-2017.

Northland Power CEO John Brace said: "Today's announcement represents another momentous achievement on this project.

"Congratulations to the project team on their great work. It is meaningful to all of us at Northland to see all 150 wind turbines standing, and to know that Gemini is one step closer to helping the Netherlands transition to a more sustainable future."

Image: Van Oord completes the installation of wind turbines at Gemini offshore wind farm in Dutch North Sea. Photo: Courtesy of Van Oord nv.