The Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center (RMC), has reported that USA Gypsum, a subsidiary of Agri Marketing, has developed a new lawn and garden soil amendment product made from recycled gypsum drywall.

USA Gypsum recycles scrap gypsum drywall and manufactures lawn, agricultural and industrial gypsum products in addition to animal bedding.

Gypsum is a natural soil aerator and is a source of calcium and sulfate when dissolved.

USA Gypsum said the company is partnering with the RMC as a Center of Excellence Business to develop additional new markets for its gypsum based products.

Under the partnership with USA Gypsum, the RMC will provide feedstock leads, marketing assistance and new product evaluation.

USA Gypsum president and general manager Terry Weaver said that RMC provides USA Gypsum with business and technical development opportunities.

The RMC is engaged in developing and expanding recycling markets.