US Windforce, LLC (US Windforce) is planning to submit permit application for Minerals wind farm to West Virginia Public Service Commission (WVPSC). The Mineral wind farm on Green Mountain could be available at February 2009 Community Advisory Panel meeting. As per the US Windforce Vice President for Sales and Marketing Dave Friend, the process takes almost always takes every one of those 300 days.

“The (West Virginia Public Service Commission) process is approximately a 330-day process,” Jim Cookman, vice president of project development for US Windforce, said. “There is 30 days of public notice of our intent to file, then we file the petition for the siting certificate. … PSC and staff have 300 days to review.

“We’re very close to when we intend to file. It’s coming up very soon.”

Cookman continued that the process was designed to allow enough time to “give the public ample opportunity to express their support and concerns over the project.”

Cookman said that there would be notifications through the news media, public meetings and a final meeting that would be an “evidentiary hearing.” There would be a panel of expert witnesses to comment on the project, and there would be opportunity for cross witnesses or opposing facts as well.

However, Cookman said that, US Windforce has yet to officially announce its intent to petition WVPSC for a siting permit. If the process begins soon, there would be the possibility that construction on the 23-turbine farm could begin by early spring of 2010.