US Farms, Inc. (US Farms) has completed improvements in its nursery greenhouse facility. These improvements consists heaters, new exhaust ventilation and all new plastic roofs with insulation to avoid heat loss in winter and retain cool in summer. These improvements were done in coordination with the company’s partner Morgan Creek Tropical to support the partnership for its retail and the wholesale nursery accounts.

Yan Skwara, chief executive officer of US Farms, said, With the completion of these Greenhouse improvements, this will enable US Farms, Inc. and our partner Morgan Creek to effectively continue to service our customers with high quality Nursery products year round. With these green house improvements it gives the ability to run operations years round while increasing inventory and sales in the 20% percent range. This is key to keep our nursery business moving forward in 2009. Protecting the plants from adverse cold during the winter months is a key operating aspect for any nursery player and these improvements will do just that. Our Aloe nursery business and Nursery warehouse fulfillment for box stores at our greenhouse facility in Valley Center, California continues to drive our future Nursery business.