The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is pursuing enforcement against nine California metal finishing companies, which are required to pay fines ranging from $2,000 to $48,500 for violations of federal hazardous waste laws.

EPA discovered these violations while conducting inspections at these facilities in Los Angeles, Rosemead, Sun Valley, Compton, Van Nuys, South El Monte and Santa Clara during the current fiscal year.

The violations included failure to label and close containers of hazardous waste, failing to properly characterize wastes, not meeting the requirements of a contingency plan to handle emergency, lack of proper workers training and inspection and storing hazardous waste without a permit.

The federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, which requires companies to properly manage hazardous waste to prevent harm to human health and the environment, has brought all nine companies in compliance with federal law through the enforcement actions.

EPA director of waste management division at Pacific Southwest region Jeff Scott said that hazardous wastes pose a danger to residents and can cause serious environmental damage.

“EPA is committed to aggressive enforcement of federal law to protect communities and workers from the potential impacts of improperly managed hazardous waste,” Scott said.