The US Energy Department has granted $15m funding to help improve the security and resilience of the nation’s power grid.

The new funding, which is subject to congressional appropriations, is a part of the Obama Administration’s plan to protect the country’s critical infrastructure from cyber and physical attacks.

It will be used by the American Public Power Association (APPA) and the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) to further enhance the culture of security within their utility members’ organizations. 

US Deputy Secretary Sherwood-Randall said: “As our definition of energy security and the cyber threat landscape evolve, we continue to help our partners strengthen the ways in which they protect critical infrastructure.

“This funding is another important step in improving the resiliency of our power grid and our ability to respond quickly and effectively to threats in today’s dynamic environment.”

Over the next three years, APPA and NRECA will use funding to develop security tools, educational resources and updated guidelines.

It will also be used for training on common strategies that can be used by their member organizations for improved cyber and physical security culture.

Activities to improve members’ security capabilities include exercises, utility site assessments, and a comprehensive range of information sharing with their members.