UQM Technologies, a developer of electric motors, generators and power electronic controllers for the automotive industry, has introduced a new 5kW liquid-cooled DC-AC inverter for use on hybrid or electric vehicles where a 250-425 VDC battery is available.

The inverter, which can provide 5kW of 120 VAC, 60Hz output under continuous duty and can handle loads of up to 16kW for short periods, features a ‘true sine’ output, making it suitable for use with sensitive electronic devices such as laptop computers.

The DC-AC inverter, designed for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles, also provides under voltage and reverse polarity protection, automatic current limiting, brown out protection and a THD of less than 5%.

UQM Technologies vice president of technology Jon Lutz said that this inverter will allow the company to improve its value proposition for customers looking for a full suite of power conversion products on their vehicles.

“We are confident that this new inverter will meet the needs of a wide range of vehicle manufacturers seeking vehicle specific DC-AC inverters that operate on the higher voltage battery packs onboard electric and hybrid-electric passenger cars, trucks and buses,” Lutz said.