TANNUR DAM IN Jordan is expected to be finished this summer, according to Jordan’s Ministry of Water Resources. Part of the water impounded by the dam will be used for irrigation and part will be used for processing potash. The 60m high dam is also expected to help control flood waters in the Hasa Valley in southern Jordan. The dam was built at a total cost of US$29.8M.

Meanwhile, construction of the US$170M Wihdeh dam on the Yarmouk river will start in March 2002. It is anticipated that this will take at least 40 months.

The Kuwait-based Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, the Jeddah-based Islamic Develop-ment Bank and the Abu Dhabi Development Fund are expected to provide finance.

The Wihdeh dam had been put on hold since 1985 due to souring of Jordanian-Syrian relations. It was revitalised when ties with the Syrians improved last year.

For more details on the Tannur dam see IWP&DC, March 2001 pp34-35 or view on line in the related articles below.
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