Unirac has collaborated with KG Solar and Renewable Energy on the 425kW solar installation in New Jersey, US.

The solar system will be installed at First Hope Bank’s branch office in Blairstown

The customized Unirac ISYS Ground Mount (IGM) solution is projected to offset nearly 100% of the bank’s energy consumption and reduce its carbon emissions by 8.6 million tons over the next 25 years.

Using the Unirac ISYS Ground Mount, the customers can select the most cost-effective foundation system for their specific project.

The Unirac IGM allows pre-assembly of module columns prior or in parallel to the installation of foundations and racking.

Unirac said IGM’s parallel assembly is a benefit for all installations, but was even more so for this particular site, with the construction process occurring during a harsh winter.

KG Solar managing member Kurt Gewecke said the pole-mounted system allowed the company to set up a dual-slope matrix starting at the high side of the property and make the arrays follow a single slope in both the N-S and E-W direction to eliminate the saw tooth effect.

Unirac, a Hilti company, is North American provider of infrastructure for solar power systems.