Ultralife Corp has selected WindTamer wind turbine as the wind component for a 1MWh energy storage system demonstration project to be installed at New York corporate campus in the US.

WindTamer has sold an 8.0GT model WindTamer turbine together with monitoring capabilities to Ultralife, for the initial prototype installation at Ultralife’s Newark.

The system will integrate lithium ion batteries, ultracapacitors and renewable-energy generation sources, including wind and solar.

A New York State Energy Research and Development Authority grant will support the design, development, prototyping, scale-up and installation of the large scale lithium ion energy storage system.

The energy storage system will allow utility companies and renewable energy generators to intelligently manage energy for consumption or storage.

Ultralife is organizing and leading a collaborative team composed of partners including academic institutions, industrial and consulting businesses to develop the system to store and mange power generated from any source for use at optimal peak times, the company said.

WindTamer is a developer and manufacturer of wind turbines and renewable energy power storage and management systems and a supplier of solar energy systems.