UK automotive industry will promote collaboration between Chinese automotive companies and UK-based technology providers by showcasing technologies and engineering solutions at strategic business meetings in China in June 2010.

The visit will aim to help build relationships with Chinese vehicle manufacturers and low carbon supply chain companies to support the market’s introduction of electric vehicle and hybrid technology into future production.

UK companies have extensive business opportunities in China, said a recent study commissioned by UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) and delivered by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). The study identified key areas of development and potential areas of collaboration for UK companies within the Chinese low carbon market.

In reference to the findings of the report, SMMT in association with UKTI will host a group of UK businesses at meetings in Shenzhen and Shanghai from June 21-24, 2010, to engage with representatives from the automotive, aerospace and engineering sectors.

The visit, which coincided with the Shanghai Expo 2010, will offer each company unique networking opportunities at a time when key Chinese decision makers will be seeking to form potential partnerships with overseas companies.

Paul Everitt, chief executive of SMMT, who will accompany the group to China and speak at the seminars, said: “My aim is to promote UK brands and give a sharper focus to our capabilities to support the development of ultra-low carbon vehicles. There are real opportunities for UK technology suppliers to do business in China and it is essential we raise awareness and build strong relationships with these important companies.”

Each meeting will provide exhibition platforms for each of the UK companies, interactive seminars and networking lunches to help promote each of the business’s products and services to the right industry people in China.

The trip will include a poster stand exhibit located at a top Shanghai hotel, an invitation to the UKTI VIP Gala networking, a complimentary business matching service for eligible firms, participation in a series of interactive seminars, and a networking lunch with key Chinese contacts.

The eligible companies will receive funding, help with travel and accommodation as well as other logistical support, and will supported by UKTI. SMMT is currently recruiting companies to attend the group seminars and interested parties are invited to register their interest now.