UK-based uranium mining company Vane Minerals has filed a lawsuit against the government of US seeking impairment charges of nearly $131.5m over the 20-year ban mining around the Grand Canyon.

The company in its compliant called for overturn of the ban citing it as unconstitutional. It has claimed compensation in the range of $68m – $123m for its expected profit loss and additional $8.5m in damages for its investment reported Associated Press.

Earlier in 2012, Department of Interior imposed a 20-year ban on more than 1 million acres of potential uranium ore reserves citing protective measures to safeguard the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

"By ignoring both the science and the facts, defendants’ actions have done nothing to protect the Grand Canyon watershed, have violated their statutory mandate to manage the land and to promote multiple use and sustained yield, and effectively deprived VANE of its investment in mining claims for uranium deposits," Vane said in its compliant.

Vane owns 678 unpatented claims and it is intending to expand its exploration around the area.

US Bureau of Land management biologist Jeff Garrett remarked: "What the BLM would reply is that if you have valid existing rights, we’re going to let you exploit that valid existing right.

"But if you don’t have that right, you have no rights."