The groups, UK Solar and UK Energy Storage, will start work immediately with the REA’s existing members.

UK Solar will support and represent more than 130 of REA’s existing solar members and UK Energy Storage intends to establish itself as the trade body for all storage technologies throughout the country.

REA chief executive Nina Skorupska said: "Solar power is one of the first major renewable energy technologies set to compete with traditional energy sources without subsidy.

"The integration of solar as a major player in the UK energy mix will transform the power market,"

UK Solar will see the development of a clear path to grid parity with wholesale and retail electricity prices across all sectors of the solar power market.

REA said UK Energy Storage will make sure that storage technologies have a smooth path to commercialisation through delivering and developing effective policy.

REA senior advisor Ray Noble said: Through representing all types and scale storage technologies the REA will drive the commercialisation of viable storage solutions in the UK.

"The integration of storage technologies will bring down costs and increase the capacity of renewable energy available on demand, which could revolutionise the energy mix."