UK Energy and Business Minister Michael Fallon has unveiled £1.3bn Greater Gabbard offshore wind power project in the country.

Located off the coast of Suffolk, the offshore wind power project employs 140 turbines and is expected to double in size once the Galloper wind farm extension is completed in 2017.

Commenting on the project, Energy and Business Minister Michael Fallon said that the UK is a leader in offshore wind power generation capacity in the world.

UK trade body RenewableUK noted that around 100 permanent jobs have been created in Lowestoft at the operations and maintenance base for the wind farm.

The ongoing maintenance and service contracts over the next 20 years are anticipated to bring an additional £100m value to the project.

"Greater Gabbard has already brought jobs and wider benefit to the local community, with hundreds of people employed on site, and a £150,000 fund created to support local initiatives, which will be managed by Suffolk Community Foundation.

"This sector is an engine of our economy. By the end of this decade, tens of thousands of additional jobs could be created in the supply-chain for offshore wind throughout the UK," added Fallon.

Greater Gabbard is the second largest operational offshore wind farm in the world, with an installed capacity of around 504MW, enough to cater to the energy needs of around 530,000 homes.