The United Illuminating Company, a public utility and a subsidiary of UIL Holdings, has announced plans to submit a proposal for new peaking power generation in Connecticut to be developed jointly with NRG Energy, a power generator.

This partnership marks the first time an independent generator and a regulated public utility have joined together to build new power generation facilities for the benefit of all Connecticut consumers.

This agreement between The United Illuminating Company (UI) and NRG comes out of Connecticut’s need for more ‘peaking’ power generation, or power that is required during times of highest demand, such as periods of extreme weather conditions or unexpected transmission or generation outages. This partnership will provide a long-term solution to meet these peaking needs.

James Torgerson, CEO of UI, said: This provides Connecticut with an unprecedented opportunity for the sharing of expertise. UI and NRG each have cultures focused on quality service, and we each have distinguished records that exemplify that spirit. UI is known for its innovative approach and NRG is recognized for its entrepreneurial vision. This truly is the best of both worlds in power generation and electricity delivery.

David Crane, president and CEO of NRG Energy, said: We are very excited to announce this partnership, as it combines NRG’s experience in developing, building and operating power plants with UI’s record of providing value to its customers. This venture combines the advantages of competitive power generators with long-term price certainty and delivery reliability for Connecticut consumers.