TXU Energy has installed a new electric vehicle (EV) charging station in the US city of McKinney in the state of Texas, as part of its EV Accelerator Program.

The city’s first EV has been plugged into the charging station located at the city’s Roy and Helen Hall Library.

The company will also plan to install three additional charging stations to be located at the McKinney Senior Recreation Center, as well as the office buildings for the Development Services and Public Work departments.

In addition to installing the charging stations, TXU Energy partnered with the city to secure a grant from the North Central Texas Council of Governments, who is funding the conversion of three existing city vehicles, Toyota Prius hybrids, into plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

The City of McKinney’s sustainability programs are led by the Office of Environmental Stewardship.

The company is providing $150,000 in rebates to the City of McKinney through its Brighten GreenBack program of energy saving solutions and this includes the TXU Energy EV Accelerator Program and various energy efficiency incentives.

The rebates to the city are included in a four-year contract signed between the city and TXU Energy for electricity service.