A contract notice has been issued in Eskisehir, Turkey for hydraulic and canal works on Porsuk river.

Bids are invited for contract package No. 3, which is the Eskisehir Municipal Urban Development project. Work consists of improvements to the Porsuk river, together with the construction of three water level control structures with boat transfer, and improvements to the right and left bank irrigation canals along with lining and repairs to exiting lining.

The date of commencement will be announced by the Notice of Commencement to be issued by the engineer, and the work is to be completed in 600 days from its commencement.

CONTACT: Eskisehir Büyüksehir Belediyesi, Satin Alma Daire Baskanligi, 2 Eylül Caddesi No. 53, 26100 Eskisehir, Turkey. Tel: +90 222 220 42 32 (ext. 275). Fax: +90 222 220 42 36.

Date of tender: 13/03/06.

Number of document: 21336-2006.