In January 2014 the specialists of the company manufactured and shipped high, intermediate and low pressure cylinders cases (HPC, IPC, LPC) with rotors and diaphragms of the second and third flow and also separate units of modernization. The shipment of the remaining equipment is planned for February of the current year.

The project of modernization of the steam turbine K-300-240-2 with replacement of HPC, IPC and the first flow of LPC, blades and diaphragms of the last 5th stage of the second and third low pressure flow of valve blocks of HPC and IPC is carried out at Zaporozhskaya TPP.

The plant is also implementing electrohydraulic control system based on software and hardware complex of the turbine control system and the implementation of hydrostatic lift rotors system. As a result, the turbine K-300-240-2 exhausted its resources will be replaced with a unit K-325-23, 5.

After the modernization increase in the capacity of the turbine will be at least 10 MW, the efficiency of HPC at maximum steam passes conditions will increase by 3.3% and reach 89.3%, the efficiency of IPC will increase by 2.5% and reach 93.6%, the efficiency of LPC will increase to 84.4%. The reduction of the specific heat consumption will be at least 32.5 kcal / kWh.

Currently, the equipment is being prepared for erection at the station.

The startup of the power unit is scheduled for September 2014.