Australia-based mineral explorer Triton Minerals is set to commence the operations on its potential graphite zone in Cabo Delgado province of Mozambique.

The company has stated that the first phase of graphite exploration is to begin in March 2013 and will focus on the Balama North prospect.

Triton managing director Brad Boyle remarked that the company secured the appropriate equipment and staff for the commencement of the exploration program.

"Discussions are underway with neighbouring licenses holders about potential synergies which may benefit all parties. The sharing of exploration and drilling equipment would be a great way for the company to save time and money.

"Triton is optimistic about enhancing these established relationships and looks forward to further co-operation between the parties," added Boyle.

Following the completion of the activities on Balama North prospect by its contracted Jigsaw Geoscience, the company will launch a refined program of soil sampling and mapping on the Ancuabe prospect.