Transpower, the owner and operator of New Zealand's National Grid, has received the Electricity Commission's approval for its investment plan to modernize the Otahuhu sub-station.

<p>The modernization will provide greater security and diversity of electricity supply to Auckland. The proposal includes building a new physically separate, enclosed, high-reliability 220kV switchyard on the Otahuhu site.<br /><br />Chief executive Dr Ralph Craven said that Transpower has responded to concerns about Auckland&#0039;s heavy reliance on the existing substation equipment at Otahuhu.<br /><br />This is a significant investment that addresses historical issues. For many decades Otahuhu substation has been the key link in the network, where electricity comes into Auckland from the south and is then distributed throughout Auckland and Northland. However, the Otahuhu facility is ageing and is in need of some additional equipment, Mr Craven added.</p>