French nuclear fuel company Areva has produced 9,760t of uranium in 2012 exceeded all of its previous production figures.

The company’s mining site in Kazakhstan, KATCO, generated its highest output for the second consecutive year with 3,661t uranium, over 53t when compared to the previous year.

Similarly, SOMAIR mine in Niger also exceeded previous output by 339t with an output of 3,065t.

AREVA mining activities senior executive vice president and board member Olivier Wantz called the collective performance remarkable.

"We are in line with the production objectives of the ACTION 2016 strategic action plan. One more sign that AREVA respects its commitments and is on the way of a reconstructive path," Wantz added.

COMINAK, the company’s other mine in Nigeria, also generated a total of 1,506t uranium, wherein Areva’s share totals 512t.

The McArthur-Key Lake teams produced 2,270t uranium as AREVA’s share, over 108t on the initial target, while the Trekkopje site in Namibia produced 251t.