Toshiba has received an order from Tokyu Construction for an H2One, the company’s autonomous hydrogen energy system.

The system will be installed at Tokyu Construction Institute of Technology and start operation in December this year.

H2One is an integrated system that uses a renewable energy source to electrolyze hydrogen from water, and that stores and uses the hydrogen in fuel cells to provide stable delivery of CO2-free, environmentally friendly electricity and hot water.

This system utilizes a photovoltaic system in the building to electrolyze hydrogen. Its electricity output will power the building’s air-conditioning systems, and the hot water will be stored in a new tank and used in the building’s hot-water supply system.

“This is the first time we have seen H2One used to reduce operating costs in a building, an exciting development,” Mr. Hiroyuki Ota, General Manager of Toshiba’s Energy Systems & Solutions Company, mentions. “Widespread use of hydrogen energy is crucial for realizing a low-carbon society and we will continue to leverage our wide-ranging technologies to develop and promote an innovative hydrogen business.”

Toshiba has already delivered H2One systems for various applications, so promoting progress toward a hydrogen economy.