The TIVAN test work program, which is being conducted using bulk material from Mount Peake, is designed to prove the full sequence of hydrometallurgical extraction of vanadium, titanium and iron products from the Mount Peake titano – magnetite orebody, and provide the final engineering design parameters for the TIVAN® refinery.

The test work program is being carried out at the world – class CSIRO hydrometallurgical research facilities in Perth and has been designed by the CSIRO team under guidance of the Company’s metallurgical consultants, METS Pty Ltd, and leading global metallurgical engineering and plant construction group SMS Siemag, who were recently appointed to oversee and coordinate finalisation of the metallurgical engineering component of the feasibility study.

The test work program, which represents a pivotal component of the final stages of the Mount Peake Feasibility Study, will involve the following phases:

  • Feed preparation processing;
  • Leach;
  • Solvent Extraction; and
  • Product packaging.

The test work program is expected to run continuously over the next 14 days after which results will be assessed, reviewed and reported. Final results are expected to be available by mid – June ready for incorporation into the Mount Peake Feasibility.

The patent – pending and recently enhanced TIVAN® Process is expected to yield improvements in many sections of the refinery process, as well as producing a higher grade and therefore a higher value titanium – dioxide by – product in addition to the high purity vanadium – pentoxide and iron oxide products. This may significantly enhance the project economics.

TNG’s Managing Director, Mr Paul Burton, said the test work program would provide independent validation of the feasibility of the TIVAN® refinery process, paving the way for the commercialisation of the hydrometallurgical technology as well as completion of the Mount Peake Feasibility Study.

"I know that many shareholders and investors have been keenly following the progress of our TIVAN® development program and it’s great to able to inform everyone that the program has now commenced in Perth and is on track to run continuously over the next two weeks," he said.

"The results of this program represent a key input into the Feasibility Study, and we expect it to give TNG a competitive advantage for the development of Mount Peake with the significant technical, operational and economic benefits which are expected to flow from this hydrometallurgical processing technology," Mr Burton added.