Tlou Energy has produced first power from its Lesedi coal bed methane (CBM) project in Botswana.

The company has recently installed gas generator at the Selemo project area, which helped to generate power from the CBM project. Gas from the Selemo project has been producing since last one year.

Till now, power needed to run pumps and metering at the Selemo pilot has been supplied by diesel generators.

Gas generator has been installed to replace one of the diesel generators, and the company is also planning to replace another diesel generator in the future that would help to reduce diesel costs.

The Cummins G8.3 generator holds capacity to supply around 60 kVA of power. It was customised to operate on a small portion of the gas currently being produced at the Selemo pilot.

According to the company, the conversion of generation from diesel to gas will enable to reduce the firm’s diesel requirement by around 50,000 litres per year.

Tlou managing director Tony Gilby said: "First Gas-to-Power via CBM in Botswana is an extremely significant milestone for the Company and in effect a proof of concept of ‘first gas monetization.

“This is the first power generated from CBM in the country and this achievement reinforces our view that CBM Gas-to-Power is achievable in Botswana using gas from the Lesedi Project. CBM gas is a cheaper and cleaner alternative to diesel generation and is significantly cleaner than coal fired power generation.”