The Czech Republic's capital city of Prague is on high alert and an estimated 50,000 people have been evacuated as a rising tide of water approached the city after days of rainfall swelled rivers in the south.

According to reports, the heavy rain may force dams on the river Vltava, which flows through Prague, to open their gates.

The Vltava is running at 5000m3/sec – nearly 100 times the summer average. One point on the river, which usually reaches a depth of 1m, is now up to 7.5m.

At least nine people have died, and road and rail lines have been cut as a result of the floods.

Devastating floods have also been reported in other parts of Eastern Europe, including Austria, Germany and Russia. According to, Firefighters frantically stacked sandbags on 13 August to shore up weakening dams on the swollen river Danube.