Texas Instruments Incorporated (Texas Instruments) has introduced new TMS320C2834x Delfino controllers. The new controllers double the floating-point performance over the existing TMS320C2000 devices and incorporate 516KB of single cycle access RAM memory, high resolution pulse width modulation outputs (PWMs) and also other control-oriented features.

The new devices are supported by two new modular controlCARD tools that is designed to jump start the development of real-time control applications like servo drives, renewable energy, power line monitoring and driver assistance.

Key features and benefits of new C2834x Delfino controllers:

300 MHz C28x core for the fast interrupt response, minimum latency, execution of complex control algorithms and real-time data analysis;

32-bit floating-point unit eases the programming of magnitude calculations, removes scaling and saturation burden and enhances performance of algorithms like Park transforms and the proportional integral derivatives (PID);

516 KB on-chip single cycle access RAM allows high-speed program execution and data access;

Flexible 65ps high-resolution PWM modules enable for optimal precision;

CAN, I2C, SPI and standard serial interface (SCI) peripherals offer easy connectivity for management of the system communication;

External ADC interface gives developers flexibility to select from the company’s wide portfolio of high-accuracy analog-to-digital converters;

Code compatibility across the C2000 platform allows developers to easily scale product lines and reuse code in controllers ranging from 40 MHz Piccolo to 300 MHz Delfino.

The C28343 and C28346 are the first devices in C2834x series and are supported by DIM100 controlCARD and DIM168 controlCARD. The controlCARDs are modular daughtercards that are designed to plug into the company’s portfolio of evaluation and application boards like the new renewable energy developer’s kit, resonant dc/dc developer’s kit and peripheral explorer developer’s kit.

The company offers complementary analog signal chain and power management technology that helps improve the system performance of applications based on the new Delfino floating-point controllers. The company’s analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) offer resolution, speed and an interface that provides data rates from 8-bits at 100 mega samples per second (MSPS) to 32-bits at 100 SPS. In addition, the company’s full range of high-efficiency power management solutions enables developers to more easily optimize their system power requirements.

Pricing and availability:

The new Delfino series of C2000 microcontrollers are sampling and will start at $8.95 in volume production. The customers can now place sample orders for first two configurations available from the C2834x series. The new TMX320C28346, starting at $19.70 (100 unit pricing), is the superset configuration operating at 300MHz and incorporates 516KB of on-chip RAM. The new TMX320C28343 operates at 200MHz, incorporates 260KB of on-chip RAM and starts at $13.50 (100 unit pricing). The C28346 DIM168 experimenter’s kit (TMDXDOCK28346-168) and C28343 DIM100 experimenter’s kit (TMDXDOCK28343) are also immediately available for the order entry and are priced at $189 and $159, respectively.