Texas Instruments Incorporated (Texas Instruments) has introduced energy-efficient high-power DC/DC boost LED driver, TPS61500, high-voltage DC/DC boost converter, TPS61175, and step-down DC/DC converter series, TPS62110. These devices support input voltages of up to 18 V and offer small voltage references for improved LED circuit design. These devices are cross-functional and work in variety of LED applications, including signage, ambient light, and office light and general illumination.

These devices are also used in military, medical and sensors.

Key features of the TPS61500:

2.9-V to 18-V input voltage range.

3.0-A current switch with integrated FET.

Four 3-W LEDs from 5 Vin.

Eight 3-W LEDs from 12 Vin.

200 kHz to 2.2 MHz switching frequency.

Brightness dimming.

User-defined soft start.

93% efficiency.

Key benefits of TPS61500:

Wide input supply range for 12-V or 15-V industrial power rails.

Up to 1-A output current.

HTSSOP package for best thermal behavior.

Can be tailored to many applications.

Key features of TPS61175:

Wide input voltage range of 2.9-V to 18-V.

3.0-A/40-V integrated MOSFET.

Wide switching frequency of 200 kHz to 2.2 MHz.

Key benefits of TPS61175:

Supports industrial applications with 12-V, 15-V bus systems or multi-cell applications.

Builds small, internal compensation and enables flexible configurations for different application needs like boost, SEPIC and fly back converters.

Offers choice to design for efficiency, smallest solution size or specific frequency range.

Key features of TPS62110:

Adjustable input voltage: 3.1-V to 17-V.

Adjustable output voltage: 1.2-V to 15-V.

Maximum output current 1.5 A.

Maximum efficiency 95%.

Quiescent current: 20 uA; 2 uA in shutdown.

Switching frequency: 1 MHz.

Power good and low-battery detect.

Soft start limits in-rush current.

Key benefits of TPS62110:

Closes the gap between low-power DC/DC converters for portable applications and higher power DC/DC SWIFTTM converters for industrial applications.

As a LED driver new lighting achieves up to 90% in energy savings and the life time of the light increases up to 8 times.

Can support fixed line rails like 12-V or 15-V, as well as a flexible number of battery cells.

Small QFN package and small exterior inductor (6.8 uH) result in small overall solution size.