Lake Livingston dam in Texas, US, has been declared stable following a through investigation into damage caused by Hurricane Rita.

High winds and significant wave action brought by Rita eroded some of the riprap on the lake side of the 4km long dam, exposing part of the earthen embankment. Some erosion of the embankment also occurred.

Following the state-approved emergency action plan, Trinity River Authority (TRA)– owner and operator of the dam – began releasing water from Lake Livingston to lower the water level to 38.7m asl to avoid further erosion, and to allow a thorough assessment of the damage.

TRA released 2241m3/sec on Saturday and Sundy which caused flooding in low-lying areas downstream from the dam. On Monday releases were decreased to 566m3/sec, and Tuesday releases were reported to be 28.3m3/sec.

The dam was declared stable by an inspector from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Lake Livingston is the largest lake constructed solely for water supply purposes totally within the state of Texas. The lake has a normal pool elevation of 40m asl.