Tesla has launched a new idea, called ‘aggregation,’ which is aimed at bringing battery storage to local networks.

Tesla, which in January with Southern California Edison unveiled one of the world’s largest energy storage facilities, has launched a new idea, called ‘aggregation’ which is aimed at bringing storage to local networks.
The first phase of that plan, in partnership with Vermont utility Green Mountain Power. is the installation of Tesla Powerpack grid scale storage units at substations throughout the area served by a utility. The second phase is linking thousands of individual Powerwall residential battery systems to provide extra storage capacity.
Tesla is now offering GMP customers a Powerwall battery for the very low price of $15 a month for 10 years, or a one time charge of $1500. The normal price of a the 10 kWh Powerwall with built-in inverter is $5500, plus installation. Up to 2000 batteries within the utility’s territory will be provided and they will be linked together via the internet so the utility company can use some of the power stored in them to balance the utility grid and provide extra power when needed while meeting the needs of the homeowner.
During the ten year contract period for the next 10 years, Tesla and Green Mountain Power will back up power to households as well as a variety of grid services using the network of installed Powerwall batteries to deliver dynamic capacity and additional grid stability, while sustaining what are hoped to be lower costs for all utility customers.