Encouraged by positive changes to the UK tax on biofuels, the nation's biggest supermarket retailer Tesco has revealed that it intends to expand its biofuel sales.

Tesco’s strategic biofuels move was unveiled by Lucy Neville-Rolfe, Tesco’s director of corporate affairs, in an interview with Reuters.

Quoting the market driver of price, Ms Neville-Rolfe said that new incentives for greener fuels would make biofuels a more competitive and therefore attractive alternative to the mainstream offering. If you talk to consumers they would like to help the planet, but when it comes to decisions about petrol they are very driven by price, Ms Neville-Rolfe said in the interview.

Tesco has already introduced a scheme in the southeast and northwest of England where it reconstituted its unleaded mix to include 5% biofuel. Now the retailer plans to introduce its 5% biofuel mix into its performance fuel offering by mid-November and diesel product by early next year.