Japan-based Teijin will provide its multi-stage activated biological process (MSABP) system and electro catalytic method treatment (ELCAT) system to treat wastewater at Zhaoyuan Advanced Chemical's fluorescent dye factory located in Jiangsu province, China.

Fluorescent dyes are manufactured for durable stability, making it difficult to break down such dyes in wastewater.

The combination of both the systems enables Teijin’s system to efficiently decompose and eliminate a wide variety of persistent organic substances, resulting in a wastewater treatment process.

The MSABP system enables wastewater treatment with reduced sludge, reduced energy consumption, low maintenance and low-cost.

MSABP features special biological carriers packed with high concentrations of microorganisms.

The system uses multistage aeration tanks to enable microorganisms in each tank to be changed in an orderly manner, thereby forming a food chain in which even highly concentrated or persistent effluent is decomposed.

ELCAT is a two-stage wastewater treatment system that decomposes and treats persistent organic substances by making them easier to decompose.

The system comprises an electrolytic tank, which generates easily decomposed intermediates by forming hypochlorous acids through the addition of salt and oxidizing organic substances.

ELCAT also includes a catalytic tank, which gasifies and decomposes the intermediates and surplus hypochlorous acids by means of oxidoreduction reactions.