Vertimass has selected Technip to provide pilot testing, scale-up, and initial plant design for the Vertimass technology, designed to convert alcohol to renewable gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel.


Vertimass had licensed the technology from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in March 2014 which will help in cutting down greenhouse gas emissions as well reduce US’s dependency on oil imports.

Technip will carry out the work at its research center in Weymouth and process technology center in Boston, US.

Technip stone & webster process technology president Stan Knez said: "Our technical teams in Weymouth and Boston provide a full range of process commercialization services with a proven track record of success.

"This effort ties in perfectly with our expertise in proving and optimizing a concept in our research center and then bringing it forward efficiently to full commercialization."

The researchers from the laboratory developed a novel catalyst, zeolite, which has potential to convert a wide range of alcohols into various hydrocarbon blend stocks for direct use in existing gasoline, diesel and jet engines while eliminating the need modification.

Vertimass president and CEO Dr Charles Wyman said: "We were initially attracted to this transformative technology based on its many advantages compared to previous attempts with this conversion and to other alcohol-to-jet technologies.

"For example, it operates at low temperatures and atmospheric pressure, requires no external hydrogen addition, produces few light components, and is a simple one-step process.

"This technology could potentially change the transportation fuels landscape internationally and have an immediate positive impact on the environment."

The US Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy supported the ORNL research.

Image: ORNL and Vertimass officials. Photo: courtesy of Oak Ridge National Laboratory.