TAQA Bratani, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Energy Company, has selected STATS Group’s double block and bleed (DB&B) isolation solution to facilitate pipework replacement of 3” instrument air line at its Tern Alpha Platform in the North Sea, without halting the operations.

Under the operation, STATS used its 3" BISEP and Tecno Plug assembly to provide the double block and bleed (DB&B) isolation.

The task was performed by two technicians from STATS within five days without effecting the operations.

STATS Group project engineer Paul Davies said the BISEP increases safety over traditional line stop methods, while the dual compression seals are more compliant than traditional cup seals, particularly in mature pipework that may suffer from pitting or corrosion.

"Operators can make significant savings by performing maintenance or repair work without the need for a shutdown. The single entry point of the BISEP™ reduces costs and operational timescales by providing a verified double block and bleed isolation through a single intervention point, without the need for additional bleed ports," Davies added.