Tanzania geothermal sector has attracted investments from two companies based in Japan and Iceland, according to Minister for Energy and Minerals, Prof Sospeter Muhongo.

Muhongo has, however, not disclosed further details about the companies.

The speculation follows Geothermal Power Tanzania’s plans to invest $350m to explore country’s southern steam fields and develop a 140MW geothermal plant by 2018.

Tanzania houses a total of 15 potential areas that can be explored for geothermal energy, reported IPP Media citing The Guardian.

"But, according to the geological survey, three areas have shown to have enough stock of steam ranging from 220 to 250 degrees centigrade, which is the temperature required for power production," revealed Muhongo.

Geothermal Power Tanzania meanwhile, commenced drilling two wells in southwestern Mbeya region in 2013 that validated potential to create power from steam within at least two systems in the area.