SunPower, a manufacturer of solar cells, solar panels and solar systems, has unveiled SunPower E19 series solar panels, a product line that offers modules in a 96-cell or 72-cell configuration with an efficiency of 19% or greater.

The SunPower E19 series includes E19/318W, 96-cell solar panel with an efficiency rating of 19.5% and the E19/238W, 72-cell solar panel with an efficiency of 19.1%.

The panels have an anti-reflective coating that allow for more diffuse off-angle light to be captured, generating more energy per rated watt than a conventional solar panel, the company said.

Tom Werner, CEO of SunPower, said: “We are pleased to deliver a solar panel with an unprecedented efficiency of 19.5%. SunPower, now celebrating our 25th anniversary, has the expertise and experience to deliver the technology needed to reach this milestone. I’m very proud that we continue to exceed industry standards with this new E19 Series product line.”

In addition to the new SunPower E19 series product line, the company is also offering its current 18% efficiency or greater solar panels in the SunPower E18 series product line. This family of panels includes 96-cell and 72-cell configurations, ranging from 305W to 225W.